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City leaders want vote on sale of alcohol

CORINTH — The City of Corinth will ask the Legislature to approve a city-only vote on the sale of alcoholic beverages.

The Daily Corinthian reports the board of aldermen voted 5-1 yesterday to present a resolution to lawmakers now meeting in Jackson.

But opponents argued the city is unfairly cutting Alcorn County residents out of the process.

State law requires a county-wide vote on liquor issues even though liquor could be only sold by the drink or in package stories in cities of 2,500 people or more.

Corinth was a wet county for 21 years until 1989, when Alcorn County voters ended liquor sales and, in a city election, Corinth voters said “yes” to beer sales.

Referendums on the sale of liquor failed in 1993 and 2005.

Alderman Mike Hopkins, who voted against the resolution, said the matter has not been discussed with county supervisors and would impose the city’s will on the county.

Kenny Digby of the Alcorn Baptist Association said the local option law should prevail.

“Five years ago this local option law was followed. We got a good indication five years ago of where the people of this county are,” he said.

Alderman Andrew Labas said he believes a large percentage of city residents are wanting the option to vote on this themselves “and not be dictated on what they are or are not allowed to do by county residents.”

“All we are requesting here is a vote among the citizens of Corinth. We’re not coming out in favor of alcohol. We’re not coming out opposed to alcohol. We’re in favor of the democratic process involved here,” he said.

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