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Relocation study: Mississippi now 'outbound' state

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — According Atlas Van Lines, the number of household moves across state lines continues to rise. The 2011 Atlas Van Lines Migration Patterns study found Southwestern and Mid-Atlantic coastal states to be popular destinations.

Atlas first conducted the study in 1993 to track the nation’s interstate moving patterns.

For the first time in six years, Michigan went from a perennially outbound state to a balanced state. Michigan now joins South Dakota and Iowa as the only Midwest states to remain balanced in 2011, as the rest of the Midwest continued to lose residents.

Five states that were balanced in 2010 are now outbound states, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, West Virginia, Louisiana and Utah. Wyoming and Mississippi. Previously inbound states Kentucky and New Hampshire became balanced in 2011.

The highest number of interstate, or between states, moves occurred in states with larger cities, including, California, Texas, New York, Florida, Georgia and Illinois. California comes in at the top with nearly 15,000 moves in 2011. For the sixth consecutive year, Washington, D.C., had the highest percentage of inbound moves. Once again, Ohio saw the highest percentage of outbound moves.

“Our annual migration patterns study is an interesting gauge of the economy, where economic development is taking place and trends to follow throughout the upcoming year,” said Jack Griffin, president and COO of Atlas World Group. “These new findings are especially promising, as we saw the number of moves increase yet again.”

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  1. No, Mississippi isn’t an Outbound state. Technically, it’s a Balanced state according to the chart on the Atlas website.

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