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City launches first-ever summer internship program

GREENVILLE — The city of Greenville has launched its first internship program, set to begin this summer. The Go Greenville Summer Internship Program will offer college juniors, who graduated from a high school in Greenville, to intern with a Greenville business for 10 weeks this summer.

Mayor Chuck Jordan said, “Not only will college students learn real-world experience, but the businesses will also gain from having additional manpower to help them in the summer months.”

The program will also have a professional development and community service component. Interns accepted to the program will participate in leadership courses with community leaders providing weekly guest lectures to the group. At the end of the summer, interns will plan and participate in a community service project, as culmination of their leadership knowledge and real-world skills.

The ultimate goal of the program is to entice young people to return home to Greenville.

The program offers a stipend of $2,500, and will run June 4-Aug. 10.

It is open to college students who will have completed their junior year by the beginning of the internship and are on course to graduate within a year. Applicants must be graduates of a Greenville high school, including Greenville/T.L. Weston High School, Greenville Christian, O’Bannon High School, St. Joseph High School, Washington School and Riverside High School. College seniors and recent college graduates may also apply; however they must also have graduated from a Greenville high school.

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