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Southaven Mayor Greg Davis to attend its council meeting

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis is interviewed in Olive Branch, during his failed congressional race. The FBI confirmed that it is investigating the north Mississippi mayor who state authorities have already ordered to pay more than $170,000 for travel, stress counseling and other personal expenses billed to taxpayers. Federal agents are looking for "any allegations of potential violations of federal law," said FBI spokeswoman Deborah Madden.

SOUTHAVEN — Embattled Southaven Mayor Greg Davis is to preside over his first city council meeting Tuesday since returning from treatment at an unnamed medical facility.

Police Chief Tom Long says that interest in the meeting is running high among local residents.

In November, state Auditor Stacey Pickering told Davis to repay the city about $170,000 for allegedly improper billings, including travel, stress counseling and food and liquor. He has repaid part of the money.

Davis, in his first public appearance as mayor since returning to work after a 30-day leave for treatment at an undisclosed location, announced earlier this week that he would not resign despite a call from aldermen to do so. He did not answer any other questions.

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