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State election observers identify issues during election day

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — State observers monitored the 2011 primary, primary run-off and general elections in Mississippi.  Sixty-three counties were monitored in the primary and runoff elections and 44 counties in the general election.  The Secretary of State’s Office reports voting issues during these elections are outlined in the “Report on 2011 Election Day Activities.”

One issue is bloated voter rolls. Currently, sixteen (16) Mississippi counties have more registered voters than the 2010 Census Bureau figures indicate are eligible to vote. Of those 16 counties, seven counties also had over 10 percent of absentee ballots cast in either the 2011 primary or general elections.

Other issues outlined in the report include improper voter assistance, campaigning at the polls and improper signage at polling locations.

To review a copy of the report, visit www.sos.ms.gov/links/elections/2011%20Elections%20Report%20for%20website.pdf.

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