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AT&T Mississippi: USF Reforms Bring $53 Million Investment to State

AT&T representatives announced this morning that Mississippi is getting a $53 million investment from the telecom giant following recent reforms made to the Federal Communications Commission’s Universal Service Fund.

In a release, AT&T says that most of the investment will go towards more broadband development for their customers especially in rural parts of the state.

AT&T says that while USF money was previously used for voice telephone service, the money is now being spent on broadband development that can be used for high-speed digital telecommunications.

“Since 2000, almost one-half of AT&T landlines have been disconnected in Mississippi – from 1,350,000 to fewer than 700,000 today,” the release says. “Last year, an average of 6,700 lines was disconnected every month. This dramatic shift to new technologies and services has greatly altered the technology landscape in Mississippi.”

AT&T Mississippi president Mayo Flynt is quoted as saying. “The updated federal policy recently adopted by the FCC is more suited to today’s highly-competitive market and will allow AT&T to bring broadband to areas previously unserved and allow us to provide customers in rural Mississippi what they really want.”


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