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Ms. immigration law would exempt foreign business execs

Mississippi’s anti-immigration legislation mirrors Alabama’s year-old law in most every way except for whom it exempts. HB488, the strict papers-please law winding its way through the Legislature, gives a hall pass to business execs whose companies are authorized to do business in the Magnolia State.

The “no papers, no problem” provision for international business executives is designed to help Mississippi avoid the worldwide embarrassment Alabama endured after high ranking auto executives for Mercedes Benz and Hyundai were held by authorities after failing to show proof of legal residency during traffic checkpoints.

The House bill authored by Republican Rep. Becky Currie and co-sponsored by a host of fellow representatives has the backing of Gov. Phil Bryant, who claims an immigration crackdown as proposed by Currie would save the state about $25 million a year in social services, education and law enforcement spending.

In exempting foreign business big wigs, Currie’s bill states “unauthorized alien” shall not include business “executives of international corporations authorized to transact business in the state.”

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