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Officials say they will clean up county's bloated voter rolls

LEFLORE COUNTY — Leflore County circuit clerk Elmus Stockstill says he and Election Commission chairman Edward Course will work to address inflated voter rolls.

The Greenwood Commonwealth reports data from the secretary of state’s office shows Leflore County has 4,000 more registered voters than adults living here.

Data from the 2010 census shows the county’s voting age population is 23,566 compared to 27,616 “current active voters” in the statewide election management system, the secretary of state’s report said.

“It didn’t happen overnight, and we’re not going to fix it overnight,” Stockstill said. “But it is an issue we’re going to address.”

After the elections this year, Stockstill said he plans to examine laws for who can legally be taken off the rolls. He said voters could be purged if they don’t vote in two consecutive federal elections.

Stockstill said they would put particular focus on precincts with large discrepancies. For example, he said the Mississippi Valley State University precinct has more than 4,500 registered voters, yet there are fewer than 3,000 students, many of whom commute.

Leflore County is one of 16 counties statewide with more registered voters than its voting age population, according to the secretary of state’s report.

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