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Presley supports Supreme Court's reversal on Kemper power plant

KEMPER COUNTY — Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley has issued the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s reversal of Mississippi Power Company’s Kemper County Coal Plant:

“(This) 9-0 decision by the Mississippi Supreme Court reversing the $2.8 billion Kemper County Coal Plant is a major victory for each and every customer of Mississippi Power Company and deals a serious blow to the company’s corporate socialism. In this case, Mississippi Power Company gave new meaning to the phrase, ‘We got the gold mine, they got the shaft.’

“I’ve argued consistently that customers of Mississippi Power Company have been mistreated by the company hiding rate impacts in this case and by putting their shareholders above their customers.

“This plant is untried technology. The shareholders have no risks while the customers have all the risks along with a 45 percent rate hike to boot. The company also wanted to raise rates before the plant produced any electricity. I believe in ‘pay as you go,’ I just don’t believe you should pay before you go.

“I personally wrote multi-page dissents in this case and am pleased today to see that those arguments were not in vain. This $2.8 billion case comes back now to the commission for further review.”

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  1. Anyone who supports this project needs to have their Facebook account made public so the real story about this plant can be exposed, a few individuals and companies making millions to mine and haul lignite coal for this proposed plant. Southern Company needs to have executives and board overhauled if this is the type of future they envision for the company. Natural Gas prices have declined to the point where the cost and environmental advantages associated with power produced from this resource cannot be ignored. Take the direction of the company into the responsible citizen model. Spend money on converting coal fired plants into nat gas and developing a program where customers are encouraged to add solar and wind and hydrothermal to their homes and businesses. Or retire early, because change is here, embrace it, or pay an increasingly heavy price for your stupidity.

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