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MDA division launches new asset-mapping site

JACKSON — The Asset Development Division of the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) has launched an interactive website, assetmap.mississippi.org, to showcase unique assets found in communities throughout Mississippi.

The website pinpoints historic sites, unique businesses, tourist attractions and natural resources found in communities that have undergone MDA’s asset mapping process. The website also highlights markers found along the state’s Blues Trail, Country Music Trail and Culinary Trail. It features a search function enabling visitors to search unique assets within an individual community or on a statewide level.

When a community requests to participate in the asset mapping process, the Asset Development Division organizes teams comprised of people from MDA, the Mississippi Arts Commission, the Mississippi Main Street Association, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, the state’s universities and other partner organizations. Equipped with cameras, maps and GPS devices, the teams explore the communities, taking notes about museums, creative talent, schools, industry, local businesses, natural resources, historical assets and other distinct features. The teams then offer advice to local leaders regarding possible ways to better utilize the unique assets they discovered, including how the community can further capitalize upon them.

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