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Aldermen adopt new zoning ordinance around airport

MAGNOLIA — New zoning rules will limit the height of objects built in the flight path of the McComb-Pike County Airport and will regulate the use of property near the facility.

The Enterprise-Journal reports Magnolia aldermen accepted a new air zone ordinance from the McComb-Pike County Airport board during a meeting last week.

Airport board member Jose Simo said McComb’s city board had already adopted the McComb-Magnolia-Pike County Airport Zoning Ordinance.

He said the city of McComb had to agree not to build tall buildings within the zones north of the airport. And Magnolia will have to agree not to build anything surrounding the field that would distract or confuse an incoming pilot, like towers and buildings exceeding 12 stories.

Magnolia board attorney Wayne Dowdy said the ordinance is backed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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