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Calls for BancorpSouth account info are scams, attorney general warns


Scammers are trying to pry bank account information from Mississippians by advising they need to provide account details to help correct problems with their Bancorp South cards, Attorney General Jim Hood warns.

Victims may receive a call on either their home phone or cell phones alerting them “there is a problem with their Bancorp South card,” Hood said.

The caller may be a live caller or an automated message, but the caller usually leaves a request for the victims to call a number or visit a Website and leave their 16-digit card number or other pertinent information that could allow scammers to empty the victim’s bank account or open new credit cards in the names of the victims.

Some victims are asked to “text” their Bancorp South bank account number to a phone number, or email it to any number of email addresses.

“So-called bank officials do not need to ask you to verify your bank account information, they already have it,” Hood said. “The key point is to never, ever give your personal identifying information over the phone to someone whose identity you cannot verify.”

The brunt of calls occurred over the Memorial Day weekend, but some potential victims are just now checking their messages and responding to the scam. Bancorp South officials say they are working to close down Websites and phone numbers connected to the scam as they become aware of them.

BancorpSouth advises on its Website it will never ask for personal or account information by e-mail or solicit account information by phone. If you receive a suspicious phone call or e-mail, do not give out any personal or account information, the bank warns, suggesting customers verify with the BancorpSouth Call Center at 888-797-7711 if anyone calls for account information.



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