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Coast mayor wants historic fire station saved, not demolished

MOSS POINT — The old central fire station built in downtown Moss Point in 1926 has seen better days, but Mayor Aneice Liddell wants to save it.

City council members had earlier voted to tear the hurricane damaged building down, but the mayor vetoed the action.

“It could be something with retail, a restaurant; it could be a museum. I’m not opposed to it being a part of the farmer’s market that they talked about,” Liddell told the Sun Herald.

Liddell said since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Gulf Coast has lost so much. And she believes that has to stop.

“I think we need to preserve what we have and tell the story about some of the things that have happened just here in Moss Point, and that building is a part of the story,” she said.

Liddell said she agrees that no taxpayer money should be spent on the building. The city has about $100,000 in FEMA money that can be used on renovations, and could apply for additional grant funds from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

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