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Creative economy caught on camera

You’ve heard the term “creative economy,” right? Where entrepreneurs with some talent or skill use it to manufacture a unique product or service.

I get to see a lot of that producing videos for MBJ-TV. I’ve included a few recent stories below. Just a few creatives growing their small businesses. No economic developers, no lobbyists- just some strong backs that are in touch with the right sides of their brains.

Charley Hutchison, a sixth-grader at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Jackson likes his iPhone and likes looking at pictures on the photo sharing website Flickr. He wanted to design a mobile app all by himself so he figured out a way to sync an iPhone contact list with a corresponding Flickr account. You’re welcome, Earth.

Jason Smith is a concert violinist with the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra. He also has a garden at his home in Clinton. He’s taken homegrown gourds and turned them into banjos. Gardening and music. Together at last.

Finally, you’re not a very well-connected Mississippi artist if you’ve never heard of Andrew Young and Pearl River Glass. The humble artist colony has set up shop in the struggling Millsaps district since the 1970s. Young and his team’s work can be seen in churches and offices across Mississippi. They are currently cleaning and restoring much of the glass work at the State Capitol.

We’ll have more stories to come including Ridgeland potter Gail Pittman and Vaughan “woodsmith” Greg Harkins, the creator of the Jim Buck Ross rocking chair at the state agriculture and forestry museum.

So stay tuned, Mississippi. And stay creative.

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