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Livingston Farmers Market launches its second season on May 17

Livingston Farmers Market will commence for its second summer season at 4 p.m. on Thursday at the Town of Livingston location at the corner of Highways 463 and 22 and every Thursday after that through Oct. 4.

This Thursday, Mississippi artist Ellen Langford will be at the market with her palette of paints, an easel and a blank canvas. And Parlor Market’s chef Jesse Houston is coming with his knives, salt and pepper, olive oil, lemons and a pan, then gathering fresh ingredients for a farmers market “quick fire” challenge.

The Livingston Farmers Market is located at the future Town of Livingston and will remain part of the town, along with a general store and restaurants which will incorporate goods from the market into their business. Construction on the town will begin in late 2012.

“We recently received approval from MDOT for access to the Town of Livingston project, from the state highways. With the MDOT approval, we are able to move forward with county supervisor approval of our plat map and ultimately the release of our building permits. We are currently scheduled to go before the Madison County Board of Supervisors on May 21st then obtain our building and civil permits. We expect to commence construction the week of May 28th with the focus of construction on Building G, the Mercantile Store,” said Mike Bollenbacher, Managing Member of the Town of Livingston.

We are also pleased to say we have awarded Phase 1a construction to Yates Construction and the civil aspect of the project to Birdsong Construction. Phase 1a is fully leased and we look forward to the successful opening of all of these businesses. It is our expectation that the mercantile store will be open for the holidays, 2012,” Bollenbachersaid.

Livingston Farmers Market is the first business to service the community on behalf of the Town of Livingston. The market celebrates the concept of diggin local and lovin fresh through a bounty of local Mississippi growers, craftsmen, artists, writers and chefs.


About Livingston Farmers Market

Livingston Farmers Market is an outdoor market located at the future Town of Livingston at the corner of 463 and 22. Every Thursday from June 2nd to October 13th from 4pm to 8pm it features fresh produce from local growers, featured chefs, Mississippi Craftsmen, live music, hot food and children’s activities.

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