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Report: Jackson tourism revenue tops $294 million

JACKSON — A new report estimates tourists spent $294.3 million in Mississippi’s capital city in 2011.

The Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau estimates that 3.05 million people visited the city’s tourist attractions, festivals, conventions, or traveled via motor coach.

The bureau estimates that spending supports 20,400 jobs, paying a cumulative $409 million. That’s an average salary of $20,000 a year.

Officials also estimated that businesses and governments invested $19 million in tourism-related construction in the capital city in 2011.

Mississippi collected an estimated $588 million in state and local tax revenues from tourists in the 2011 budget year. That includes $438.4 million in state taxes and $149.2 million in local taxes.

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  1. Bogus estimates that have never shown up in the tax receipts. $20,000 a year jobs? Yeah, that is what Jackson needs.

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