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Tax-forfeited properties up for bid in Port City

GREENVILLE — Eighty tax-forfeited parcels at a value of over $265,000 in the Greenville area up for bid, and Greenville Mayor Chuck Jordan and Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann held a joint press conference yesterday to market these lands.

“Tax-forfeited properties are a drain on the community, the state and your local tax rolls,” said Hosemann.

“Abandoned and blighted properties don’t belong in a city with pride,” Jordan said. “That’s why my administration made a point of working with the secretary of state to work out a plan for neglected houses and lots. Now we have 102 properties that will be cleaned up and maintained with new ownership — 22 of these properties will go to local churches. This effort will clean up our neighborhoods and make for a better Greenville.”

Currently, the Secretary of State’s Office holds more than $38 million worth of property forfeited to the state for non-payment of ad valorem taxes. Over $2.7 million of tax-forfeited property is located in Washington County.

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