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TVA: Lack of rainfall negatively imacting hydroelectric generation

NORTH MISSISSIPPI — The Tennessee Valley Authority says a lack of rainfall has hydroelectric generation running 12 percent below normal.

Hydro is TVA’s cheapest source of electricity, but accounts for only about 8 percent of the power the federal utility produces.

The lower water level in the reservoirs might have more effect on recreation, including boating and fishing.

The upper Tennessee River Valley, above Chattanooga, has received 93 percent of normal rainfall, but the lower valley has gotten only 53 percent of usual rain since the first of April. The U.S. Drought Monitor states that the areas around Shelbyville, Winchester and Tullahoma are the driest on local record.

John McCormick, TVA senior vice president of River Operations, said that it is unlikely the reservoirs will rise to usual summer levels.

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