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Hosemann, staff trying to avoid problems with Justice over voter ID

JACKSON — Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann says he’s trying to answer all questions that might come up as Mississippi seeks federal approval for its proposed voter ID law.

Republican Hosemann tells The Associated Press he and his staff are reviewing documents related to the Justice Department’s rejection of voter ID laws in Texas and South Carolina. That includes filings in the Texas appeal to a federal court.

Hosemann says he’s making sure concerns the department raised in the two cases are answered, including questions about the distance any voter might travel to get a state-issued voter ID card.

He says that based on the department’s recent history of blocking voter ID laws, it appears unlikely that Mississippi’s law will be in place by the presidential election this November.

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  1. Almost every person in MS has an ID of some kind. They have drivers license for starters. There is no way anyone can tell me these people have no id’s for chasing checks, putting their money in the bank, driving their car. You have to have an id to get food stamps, medicaid, practically everything you do in life you have to have an id for it. Now when it comes to voting, so that your vote counts, not dead people, not ILLEGAL people, they can’t get one. NO WAY. I can’t believe people in MS don’t want their vote to count for the person it’s used on. That’s what voter fraud is all about. Show your id, let your vote count. If we can’t do that, then what is the point??? These people are elected by US, let’s make these elected people do the job we voted for them to do.

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