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Processors 'condemn' U.S. companies for allegedly mislabeling shrimp

BILOXI — The American Shrimp Processors Association (ASPA) has released a statement regarding reports that two U.S. companies have been packaging and selling shrimp as domestic-raised when the shrimp were actually imported.

The ASPA said news media recently reported several plea agreements regarding alleged Lacey Act violations involving an Illinois wholesale company and a Louisiana processing company that allegedly mislabeled and sold imported shrimp as domestic shrimp.

ASPA unequivocally denounces and condemns any conduct that misrepresents or mischaracterizes product sold to US consumers.

“Consumer confidence is absolutely critical and any action that diminishes consumer trust in our world class product is absolutely unacceptable,” said Dr. David Veal, ASPA executive director. “Our industry has fought tirelessly since the BP oil spill to regain market share and restore faith in our product.”

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