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Project to make Capitol Street two-way to begin this year

JACKSON — A project to turn the main thoroughfare in downtown Jackson into a two-way street is expected to start by year’s end.

The city must have state approval for construction plans on the Capitol Street project by Sept. 30. Work needs to begin no later than January, or it will miss out on millions in federal funding, according to The Clarion-Ledger.

Ben Allen, president of Downtown Jackson Partners, said area leaders have been discussing the idea since the early 2000s.

“We’re the only major city that I know of that hasn’t converted their main street downtown back to two-way,” he said.

Converting Capitol Street into a two-way street is part of an overall plan to make the street more attractive and accessible.

Preliminary design sketches call for additional parking, roundabouts at four intersections, new landscaping and dedicated bike lanes.

The idea, says Public Works Director Dan Gaillet, is to make the street more accessible to cars while slowing them down so pedestrians feel more comfortable. “Again, part of the goal is to make livable spaces where folks can easily travel up and down the street to shop, visit, etc.”

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