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Sponsor of new abortion law wants quick enforcement by MSDH

JACKSON — The sponsor of Mississippi’s new abortion law wants the state Health Department to immediately enforce the measure when it takes effect July 1.

But, the Health Department generally allows 10 days for any facility it inspects to come into compliance with a law.

New restrictions could shut down the state’s only abortion clinic, in Jackson.

The law requires anyone doing abortions in an abortion clinic to be an OB-GYN with admitting privileges at a local hospital. Such privileges can be difficult to obtain, because hospitals don’t give them to out-of-state doctors or because religious-affiliated hospitals might not give them to doctors doing elective abortions

House Public Health Committee Chairman Sam Mims, a Republican, calls the law he sponsored “an important accomplishment” and says there’s no reason to delay enforcement.

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  1. People like Sam Mills are what give Mississippi a bad image. I wonder if he can walk and talk at the same time?

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