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Clinton, Barbour praise GreenTech

Former president Bill Clinton joined former governor Haley Barbour last week in Horn Lake to launch a new automotive plant operated by GreenTech Automotive, a U.S.-based manufacturer of “environmentally friendly, energy-efficient vehicles” including MyCar, a two-seat, all-electric vehicle that produces zero emissions and provides a range of up to 115 miles.

“Too many people have given up on American manufacturing, saying manufacturing jobs are not coming back,” said GTA chairman Terry McAuliffe. “For too long, America has been inventing products here and sending the production jobs overseas. But we’re part of a rebirth for American manufacturing.”

Clinton talks about job creation, technology and building global partnerships.

Barbour talks about the recent jobs report from the Labor Department and how GreenTech was just one of many bipartisan business deals he oversaw as governor.



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  1. I used to like the Honda company, but more and more often I see them doing funny things, like the lease only option on the Fit EV.

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