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ABC-affiliated TV station shutting down this month

SALTILLO — A northeast Mississippi television station is going off the air at the end of the month.

WTVA-TV reports WKDH-TV, the ABC station, is going off the air.

WKDH’s owner, Southern Broadcasting, says it will end broadcasting at 11:59 p.m. Aug. 31 after more than a decade on the air.

ABC plans to continue airing programming locally, but the network has not said how it will do that.

Viewers are being advised to call ABC at (212) 456-7777 to let the network know they still want to continue watching their favorite ABC programs.

Cable and satellite viewers are being advised to call their provider.

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  1. Terresteral television is a dinasaur. Sattellite is better today but will lose to the internet. For me, cable was never a choice.

  2. Terresteral televison is better than ever! Its free (thru an antenna) and most programming is in high-definition. I still have cable, but planning on dumping it very soon, will save over 1,300 per year! I get all the major channels free over the air!

  3. im sorry to hear this.thats a shame. i hope the folks in the northeast part of our state can get a abc station again very very shortly. they already have a nbc station.

  4. We should be able to get WPTY 24 out of Memphis or WCFT-33/40 out of Tuscaloosa. We have had both at point in time in the past before this station existed. I am hoping for 33/40 as they have a killer weather department, and on the flipside for the news on 24. Not hearing alot from DISH or the local affiliate on the matter.

  5. they could get the one out of Greenwood since it is in Mississippi, but i’m guessing they will get the ABC out of Memphis since that is the same one the folks in Corinth get (as well as Jackson, TN)

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