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Bryant attacks "failed federal immigration policy" with new order

Phil Bryant

Gov. Phil Bryant’s office announced this morning his issuance of an executive order “reaffirming Mississippi law that prohibits illegal immigrants from receiving public benefits.”

The release says executive state agencies would be required to administer such benefits but to “clarify their processes in order to guard against erroneously issuing benefits” to people recently granted “deferred action” status.

Bryant recently discussed the cost of illegal immigration with MBJ-TV.

From the governor’s office:

In June, President Obama disregarded federal immigration law yet again by granting “deferred action” status to a broad class of people who are not citizens or legal residents of the United States.

Gov. Bryant is concerned that Mississippi taxpayers could be unduly burdened if state agencies erroneously issue public benefits to a person simply because he or she was granted “deferred action” status by President Obama. Being granted such status does not confer legal rights to a person and does not entitle that person to receive public benefits. Mississippi law prohibits issuing public benefits to a person who is not lawfully present in the state or country.

“Illegal immigration has real consequences for Mississippi, as it puts additional burdens on our already stretched budget,” Gov. Bryant said. “This Executive Order will help ensure that public benefits go to only those persons who are lawfully eligible.”


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  1. Thats what a good governor should do. Good job governor Byrant!!!!!!

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