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Mayor's plan won't raise taxes, but increases spending

JACKSON — Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr.’s proposed budget won’t raise taxes or utility rates on residents in 2013, but promises a 50 percent increase in spending on projects that target the city’s crumbling infrastructure.

If the Jackson City Council adopts the mayor’s recommendation, The Clarion-Ledger reports there will be no raises for city employees this year

At the same time, he’s proposing continued growth in public safety staffing and is planning new recruiting classes for police officers and firefighters.

Proposed spending is up 11 percent overall, from $317 million to $352 million. The operating budget is up 4 percent to $277 million, while the capital project budget is up 50 percent to $75 million.

The fiscal year begins Oct. 1, and the budget has to be approved by Sept. 15.

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