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State lawmaker appeals pay-out ruling to Supreme Court

TUPELO — State Rep. Brian Aldridge has asked the Mississippi Supreme Court to throw out a ruling that he pay more than $200,000 to his aunt, whose estate was plundered by his father.

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports Aldridge filed an appeal after a Lee County judge denied his motion for a new trial.

In May, Chancellor Michael Malski ordered Aldridge to pay Florence Aldridge $218,355. Malski said even though Aldridge was not personally liable for the more than $522,000 she lost as a result of actions by his father, Louis Aldridge, he was responsible for what happened through their charity which Louis Aldridge funneled some of her money.

Brian Aldridge, a Republican from Tupelo, is chief executive officer of Touched By An Angel Ministries, Inc., which operates a camp for disable children and adults near Tupelo. Louis Aldridge was once the charity’s chief financial officer.

Brian Aldridge contends he should not be held personally responsible for acts committed by his father and that the charity should not be in jeopardy for funds it received illegally from Louis Aldridge.

Aldridge’s attorney also contends the judge erred in finding the charity liable because it has “no duty to investigate the source of contributions” and that no proof exists of Brian Aldridge’s personal involvement in his aunt’s losses.


Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

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