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State to survey along seawall to determine beach ownership

BAY ST. LOUIS — The state of Mississippi hopes to complete soon a survey along the new Bay St. Louis seawall that will aid in determining who owns what on the beach.

The Sea Coast Echo reports over the past few weeks, surveyors have been working to mark out the boundaries along the seawall. The seawall was completed in April.

The secretary of state’s office said it does not have an exact date for completion of the survey.

The survey will mark out the boundaries between public and private lands.

Public lands will be the land from the old seawall to the water. Private landowners will still have control of the land from the old seawall to Beach Boulevard.

Until the surveys are completed, development on the waterfront side of Beach Boulevard has come to a virtual standstill.

Mayor Les Fillingame said he hasn’t seen the plat maps yet, but seeing stakes in the area is a positive sign.

“We can work from the physical location of the stakes,” he said.

At one point, officials thought the seawall’s location further from the road would provide more public right of way, but Fillingame said that wasn’t the case.

“I don’t think there’s as much public property on the water side as we had originally thought,” Fillingame said.

Fillingame said a redesign of the seawall by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers resulted in less land being available for public use.

Still, Fillingame said, some beautification work will be done.

Maintenance is also becoming an issue along the seawall, especially with mowing the grass.

Fillingame has said the city is obligated to take care of the public land.

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