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(VIDEO) Horn Lake teenager and creative economist builds flag poles

“I’d love to babysit I just don’t know any babies,” Flagpole Express owner Emily Waldon says.

The patriotic 17-year-old creative economist has been building flagpoles for homes, schools, businesses and political campaigns in the Horn Lake community since she was six-years-old.

After seeing the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 on the television, Emily asked her father Bryan if he could help her build a flagpole for their front yard. The hobby quickly turned into a lucrative business.

Emily joined the local chamber of commerce at the age of eight, becoming its youngest member and has used her profits over the years to buy horses and horse trailers as well as fund a trip to Disneyland to thank her parents and sister for their help.

Emily’s income has also helped her pay for trips to Greece, Italy, France and the U.K.

MBJ-TV producer Stephen McDill spoke with the Waldons recently about their business. To learn more about this Mississippi small business visit www.flagpoleexpress.com.

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  1. This does show that flagpoles are the way to go. Not only that, but custom flag demands is also on the rise. With creativity and innovativeness, this business is unstoppable.

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