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Company guarantees city 80% reduction in mosquitoes

NATCHEZ and MADISON — A Madison company says that if Natchez hires it for full mosquito control, it can guarantee an 80 percent reduction in the number of mosquitoes.

Mayor Butch Brown asked Brett Killingsworth of Vector Disease Control International to submit proposals from the most basic surveillance plan to the full integrated control plan, the Natchez Democrat reported.

Greenville, Jackson, Tunica and other cities have integrated plans under which the company essentially becomes part of public works, Killingsworth told aldermen last week.

He said the company’s plane sprays all its contracted cities for the July 4 holiday and could also spray before events such as the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race.

Killingsworth said surveillance would cost about $30,000. The company would set and check traps weekly for six months to see what species of mosquitoes are in the city, if they carry West Nile virus and where they are concentrated, and would advise the best areas and chemicals for spraying by Natchez Public Works.

The city could also contract the company to spray for mosquitoes, Killingsworth said.

If Natchez chooses the integrated plan, VDCI would rent an office in the city, handle all calls from residents and test and spray for mosquitoes. The program would also include two or three air treatments by the company’s plane.


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