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Ergon Refining unveils $147M expansion at port

VICKSBURG — Ergon Refining has announced a $147 million expansion of its operations at the Port of Vicksburg.

The Vicksburg Post reports the specialty oils refinery plans new buildings near the Bunge-Ergon ethanol plant and upgrades at its main refinery that will allow the company to process more diverse types of crude. The expansion would add about 50 jobs. The company now employs about 783.

Kevin Watson, Ergon’s attorney, says if completed, the new laboratories and research and development facilities would enable Ergon to refine more types of crude oil for chemical processes in which the company already specializes, such as for electrical transformers and tires.

Watson says the first phase, a new administrative building and the first lab, both near the ethanol plant, could start in October or November.

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  1. It would be in the public interest to know to what extent this refinery (and other Lampton family businesses) has been subsidized by taxpayer funding. The Lampton family has become exceedingly wealthy by extracting taxpayer money from compliant politicians to support their privately owned enterprises.

    Does MS Business Daily have the integrity to provide this information; or, are they beholden to the Lamptons as well?

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