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Mayor Davis has perks cut, but gets raise

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis is losing $40,000 in annual perks in the city’s new budget.

But he is getting a $5,000 a year raise.

The Commercial Appeal reports in approving a new budget this week, aldermen bumped Davis’ base pay from its current $145,000 annually to $150,000. However, the board removed a $35,000 annual stipend Davis had received for running the city’s utility department as well as a $5,000 educational stipend.

Together with $2,700 in longevity pay, the additional compensation raised Davis’s salary to $187,700 in fiscal 2011-12.

Davis will continue to receive longevity pay in addition to his base salary under the new budget. The mayor’s longevity pay will increase to $3,000 next fiscal year to give Davis a total salary of $153,000.

Longevity pay is based on an employee’s tenure with the city and is available to employees after 10 years of service.

The overall reduction for Davis is part of pay cuts affecting a range of city officials in the new budget, though most rank-and-file city workers get a $1,500 flat rate increase under the plan, which takes effect Oct. 1.

The pay reduction for Davis comes as he wages a legal battle with state Auditor Stacey Pickering over efforts to garnish Davis’ pay to help recover more than $70,000 that the auditor says Davis still owes in misspent city funds.

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