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State, feds want to buyout flood-prone Coast property

PEARLINGTON — Mississippi and federal officials have put a priority on buying out 111 flood prone properties in the town of Pearlington.

Pearlington is located in Hancock County along the Mississippi-Louisiana state line.

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency director Robert Latham and other officials met last Tuesday with the Hancock County Board of Supervisors to discuss the Pearlington buyout.

The Sea Coast Echo reports MEMA had originally indicated it would dedicate $10 million for the project; however, the state moved $6 million to other projects last year because the buyout was not moving fast enough.

“What I don’t want is to be here in 12 months in the same place,” Latham said. “I feel confident that I can pull the $6 million back. Anything above that, we will have to scrape and scrap.”

The buyout would be voluntary.

The estimated cost associated with buying out the 111 homes is about $15.1 million, officials said. That number may decrease when offers are made to the property owners. The county is only allowed to offer property owners the fair market value of the property.

Hancock County officials say about 73 homes in Pearlington were damaged last month during Hurricane Isaac. They say 30 of those homes are on the buyout list.

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  1. annette thompson

    We live in Franklinton,La. We bought our home in 2006, thought it would be our retirememt home.
    As it turns out, it won`t be !
    When we bought our house it had not flooded here in 30 years. It has flooded here twice in six years. We live 1-4 of a mile from the BogueChitto River. Our insurance company will not cover any damage after Hurricane Isacc because of many resones according to them, where the house is located,the way it is built ECT… We lost 1,000 sq.ft of living area because it can not be considered living area anymore.
    Our house is not worth what we owe on it, nor is it worth dealing with insurance company!!!!

    Gary & Annette Thompson

  2. My son lives in Pearlington at 5179 Jacksonville Dr. He was flooded during Katrina and 2 to 3 times since then. (I lose track!) He heard about the possible buyout a while back but hasn’t heard anything since then.

    I went to his home yesterday for Thanksgiving and he is still living in walls gutted half way down, no kitchen cabinets, no kitchen sink. It is very heartbreaking to see his situation.

    I am trying to find out the latest on the buyout and find out if he is on the list for the buyout.

    Your help in this matter will be deeply appreciated.

    Concerned Mother – Nina Jones, Slidell, La.

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