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Alliance formed to market coal technology 'TRIG' globally

ATLANTA — Southern Company, through subsidiary Southern Generation Technologies, LLC, and KBR, LLC of Houston, Texas, have formed an alliance to market the coal technology transport integrated gasification (TRIG) to power companies worldwide.

Through this partnership, Southern Company and KBR will contribute their technical and marketing expertise, respectively, capitalizing on each company’s strengths in expanding TRIG technology to worldwide markets.

Mississippi Power, a Southern Company subsidiary, is using TRIG as the basis for its integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) facility under construction in Kemper County.

With the signing of this agreement, KBR acquires exclusive global licensing rights for power generation in addition to its existing rights in industrial applications of TRIG. Southern Company will provide engineering and technology expertise and draw on its operations experience in support of KBR’s sales, marketing, licensing and design efforts.

Prior to this agreement, Southern Company and KBR licensed TRIG to the Tian Ming Electric Power Company for a facility under construction in China.

Southern Generation Technologies was formed in 2010 to license advanced power generation technology developed and owned by Southern Company and its subsidiaries.

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