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Hosemann to Justice: People have spoken on voter ID

JACKSON — In response to the Department of Justice’s request for more information about the new state voter identification law, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann says the people of Mississippi have already spoken to whether the law is discriminatory or not.

In a statement, Hosemann said: “The Department of Justice has requested information from the Attorney General as to whether the addition of a Constitutional voter identification provision had a discriminatory purpose. That issue was decided last November by a vote of all the citizens of Mississippi in a free and fair election.

The Department of Justice also asked if there is a discriminatory effect. We believe the process of implementation authorized by the Mississippi Legislature and the rules and regulations will show no discrimination against any citizen of Mississippi.”

Yesterday, Attorney General Jim Hood said the Department of Justice had asked for more information on Mississippi’s voter identification law.

Hood said in a statement that meant the law would not be pre-cleared by the Justice Department in time for it to be enforced for the Nov. 6 election.

Mississippi’s law provides for a wide range of photo identifications that could be used at the polling places, The Associated Press reported.

Supporters of voter ID say it’s needed to help ensure the integrity of elections by preventing people from voting under others’ names. Opponents say there’s been little proof of people masquerading as others to cast ballots. They also contend the ID requirement could suppress voter turnout among poor, elderly and minority voters.

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  1. Daniel-Mississippi

    Secretary Hosemann, elections don’t determine rights, the Constitution does. Ask the (defunct) Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission.

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