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Justice Department approves city's annexation plans

PICAYUNE — Picayune has 800 new residents, and Mayor Ed Pinero plans a meet and greet to welcome them.

The U.S. Department of Justice approved the city’s annexation plans last Friday.

The city limits expanded west, north and south, including the airport.

“It brings in 20 new businesses into the city limits. These businesses wanted to be annexed for numerous reasons,” Picayune Mayor Ed Pinero told WLOX-TV.

Pinero says the annexation also brings in about 200 homes and 800 people.

The official annexation date is Oct. 10.

“It will mean more taxes, right? That’s not good. But the police protection will be good,” said Robert Pritchett, who lives in the Westchester Subdivision where most of the annexed homes are located.

His neighbor, Gail Chaisson, said, “It should be all right. It shouldn’t be any different than before.”

The city also took in land in the Nicholson community to the state line, property in Carriere around exit 10 on I-59 and land near the municipal airport.

“All four corners of the north and south part of the annexation, as well as the west part of the annexation, are on interstate and highway frontage. So this is something that made it real attractive for the developers,” Pinero said. “It wasn’t about bringing in a large number of residents and a tax base. We specifically focused on the commercialization districts.”

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