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MDAC opens new agritourism promotion program

JACKSON — The Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (MDAC) has launched its new Agritourism Registration Program. This program is part of the recently passed Senate Bill 2439, which was enacted to provide limited liability to persons engaged in agritourism activities. Under state law, agritourism operations that register with MDAC and that meet certain signage requirements advising visitors of the inherent risks of participating in agritourism activities will be provided with limited liability.

“The Agritourism Registration Program will have a significant impact on agritourism in our state as liability issues have created challenges for many of our operations in the past. An increasing number of working farms and other agricultural enterprises are beginning to incorporate agritourism activities into their operations making it one of the fastest growing sectors in agriculture and tourism in our state. By becoming registered with the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, agritourism professionals are protecting their agritourism operation, as well as the many people who visit the farms for adventure and the pleasure of experiencing farm life at its best,” said Agriculture Commissioner Cindy Hyde-Smith.

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