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'Wet' supporters hope for special election on alcohol sales

CORINTH — Supporters of a vote on liquor sales in Corinth hope to get a special election scheduled before the end of the year.

Petition drive spokesman John Orman tells the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal the group would not have the 2,400 required signatures in time for the city board meeting on Nov. 6.

He said the petition effort needs about 100 more signatures.

“After signatures are certified by the city clerk we present them to the Board of Aldermen,” Orman said. “Then they schedule the election and have to give voters at least a 30-days’ notice.”

The petition drive began in September.

A new state law changed the eligibility requirements for municipalities that may hold liquor elections.

Previously, liquor was voted on in a county-wide election even though liquor could be only sold by the drink or in package stories in cities of 2,500 people or more.

Alcorn County was a wet county for 21 years until 1989, when Alcorn County voters ended liquor sales and, in a city election, Corinth voters said “yes” to beer sales.

Referendums on the sale of liquor failed in 1993 and 2005.

The new law now allows cities of more than 5,000 population to hold a liquor referendum if at least 20 percent of the city’s registered voters sign a petition — a number that is between 2,300 and 2,400 in Corinth.

The petition doesn’t favor liquor and wine sales in Corinth, but asks for a vote so residents may vote on the issue.


Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

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