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County hires law firm to set up economic development board

POPLARVILLE — Pearl River County supervisors have hired a branch of the Butler Snow law firm to set up an economic development board. The county will pay the Ridgeland-based firm $450,000 over three years, under a contract signed Sept. 19 by J. Patrick Lee, president of the board of supervisors, The Picayune Item reports.

The head of the county’s Republican Party questions the move, saying that supervisors voted on the contract in open session but didn’t adequately explain what they were doing.

Lee says the county has lost competitions for a furniture warehouse and a food distribution center to nearby St. Tammany Parish, La., and needs to increase efforts to lure industry.

Butler Snow will direct the Pearl River County Economic Development Association and suggest ways to pay for economic development.

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  1. The Golden Triangle just formed a regional economic development agency (much to my disapproval). It was claimed to become a “model for agencies all over MS.”

    At the time, I began to count the governmental agencies already responsible for economic development in my area. I gave up at 28 — and the new agency went through anyway. No agency is ever dissolved. Just more and more created to spend money. These regional agencies are dangerous in that they don’t require voter approval. The public’s only hope is to elect honest officials who vote against and dissolve this massive spending and United Nations globalization plan. It’s designed for rural zoning and to drive people into the cities more than anything.

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