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Hospital to focus on replacing equipment, renovating

GREENVILLE — Delta Regional Medical Center plans to concentrate this year on a long-term replacement of equipment and renovation of its physical plant.

“The plant is wearing out faster than we are putting money back in,” DRMC CEO J. Stansel Harvey told the Delta Democrat Times.

For the 2010-11 fiscal year, the hospital’s property, plant and equipment was valued at $49 million but dropped to $48 million this year.

Harvey said while the hospital was able to buy 104 new patient beds, each costing about $6,000, to replace beds from 1994, other parts of the hospital need to be refurbished.

“The challenge is that we have got to start putting more money back into the plant,” he said.

Harvey said DRMC’s maintenance engineer is working in conjunction with Mills & Mills Architect to assess the hospital’s property and develop a long-term strategic replacement plan to improve the plant.

“We are putting in $3 million a year when we need to be putting in about $10 million,” he said. “Historically speaking, we’ve been taking the profit and putting it back into operations instead of into the plant. … It’s a precarious situation.”

Harvey said $1.4 million of the hospital’s capital budget of $3 million will go toward patient care. He said other areas such as the cafeteria, facilities, furnishings, transportation and plant operations will also receive funding.

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