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Mississippi notable for its 2012 ‘blueness,’ Rove says

Sakes alive! Mississippi’s turning blue?

Not really – but it did make “blue” history of sorts in Tuesday’s presidential election. It had the distinction of being only one of two states to go a bit more blue than in the 2008 election, GOP strategist Karl Rove notes his post-election assessment of nationwide voting.

Here is what Rove said on his return to Fox News Wednesday after his Tuesday night meltdown over what he felt was the news network’s premature calling of the race for President Obama:

“Obama kept the coalition that he had in 2008, only it was a little bit smaller. This will be the first president reelected sent to second term with a smaller percentage of the vote than he got the first term. In fact, there are only two states — two states in the union — where he got a higher percentage of the vote this time around than he got the first time. One is Mississippi, by one quarter of 1 percent, and Hawaii by less than one fifth of 1 percent.”



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