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New waterfowling camouflage born in Mississippi

Hunting camouflage has developed into a highly specialized business. Sure there are generic patterns like the original WWII woodland splotch and blotch with greens and browns. Then came the tiger stripe format used by special units during the Vietnam War and now even the modern digital camos used in the current Desert Wars among others.

Lots of other patterns have come and gone as well. Some have prevailed for the long haul like Mossy Oak from Mississippi and Realtree from Georgia. Relative newcomers include Natgear from Missouri and Long Leaf from Mississippi. Now the big box catalog outlets have created some of their own proprietary camo patterns like Bass Pro Shop’s Redhead brand and Cabela’s own Mountain Mimicry pattern.

Practically every year some new pattern emerges at one of the national outdoor hunting shows. Some work and some don’t or just don’t find favor with the outdoors customer base. One wonders if there is room for yet another one. I think I’ve found one.


The Muddy Water Development Phase

Steve Maloney of Madison searched for three decades to find a waterfowling camouflage that looked like the marshes where he hunted. He never did find one to suit himself so he decided to create his own pattern. “I realized that every available camouflage pattern seemed to be designed for hunting deer in the woods. None of those patterns looked like the marshes and flooded fields where I was hunting ducks. And it seemed to me that if you’re hunting a bird with webbed feet, your camo really ought to feature water.” Certainly sounds like a rational, creative approach to product development to me. Makes one wonder why this angle had not been thought of before now.

It took Maloney plenty of development time to perfect his Muddy Water Camo, which is a photographic-oriented camouflage created outdoors, not on a computer screen in some graphic arts lab. To create this unique camouflage pattern specifically for waterfowl hunting Maloney partnered with award-winning wildlife photographer Stephen Kirkpatrick. He needs no introduction. Together they created a revolutionary new concept in camouflage.

So, four years later after taking 1,059 photographs and working up 103 pattern drafts and redrafts, Muddy Water Camo was finalized into a waterfowl hunting specific pattern that is now hitting retail markets all across the country. Currently some 15 Mississippi dealers are handling their camouflage clothing and waterfowl hunting gear.


The Muddy Water Camo Difference

In terms of the effectiveness of a camouflage pattern in the field, you might ask what exactly sets this pattern apart from the existing patterns choking the camouflage marketplace right now. As Maloney stated, “Our camo is designed specifically for hunting ducks and other waterfowl. Muddy Water is the first and only camo pattern to incorporate water and reflections to perfectly mimic what waterfowl see from the air.” That point alone is a huge difference from other camo concepts that makes Muddy Water highly unique.

“The entire pattern is 100 percent in focus, 100 percent realistic, just as nature appears to a bird’s eye. Muddy Water’s patent-pending creative process delivers the most realistic waterfowl camouflage on the market.”


The Muddy Water Summary Statement

If you read a profile on Muddy Water Camo it would detail these points. This camo is a photographic camo created outdoors where hunting happens. It is the first camo to incorporate water and reflections. The key characteristic is that Muddy Water mimics what waterfowl actually would see from the air when flying over a marsh-type environment.

Furthermore Muddy Water Camo is a pattern that is 100 percent in focus. There are no background areas in the pattern that are blurry or without clear definition. This makes this pattern completely realistic to waterfowl.

Muddy Water Camo was created by a seasoned duck hunter with well over 30 years of waterfowl hunting experience and a widely acclaimed award winning wildlife photographer. What a team. Together they have worked endlessly hard to develop the most realistic waterfowl camo ever created. When you see it you will know why.

Maloney and Kirkpatrick’s Muddy Water Camo products include jackets, caps and hats, gloves, blind bags, coolers, facemasks and more. These can be seen online at www.muddywatercamo.com.

With the Christmas season afoot, this is a perfect time to check out a local retailer that is handling Muddy Water Camo. Every duck hunter from dad, mom, son, daughter, outfitter, guide or even the casual duck hunter will want a Muddy Water outfit in the duck blind this waterfowl hunting season. Oh, yeah, sorry Steve, truth is Muddy Water Camo works great for deer hunting, too.

Mississippi continues to dominate the outdoors products world. Our hunting sportsmen entrepreneurs are focused on developing gear to suit their own outdoor pursuits and fulfilling niches for all the rest of us. Thanks, Muddy Water Camo.

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