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Port City's downtown district makes National Register

GREENVILLE — Greenville’s downtown historic district is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Walley Morse, secretary of the Joint Greenville Washington County Historic Preservation Commission, tells the Delta Democrat Times the listing comes after more than two years of work.

“It took a long time, a lot of work, a lot of community participation and a lot of money,” he said. “Now, it’s like catching a breath.”

Morse said the commission hopes the listing will attract investors to develop downtown because property owners can take advantage of the federal tax credits in the redevelopment of existing buildings.

The commission was given an undetermined amount of control of about 100 properties after the Greenville City Council approved the local historic district in September.

Two owners with a total of nine properties chose to opt out of the district, Morse said, and property owners can choose to opt out at any given time.

The national register provides information about historic resources that can be used as a planning tool for federal, state, local and private agencies, making owners of historic properties eligible for federal grants for preservation projects, enabling property owners, including homeowners, to use state tax credits when rehabilitated.

“Now, we must figure out what our job is so we can do our job,” Morse said.

The commission’s next meeting is set for Dec. 11.

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