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Award for worst national news flub of year goes to…

Remember the morning of the “Individual Mandate” fiasco back in July?

News producers at CNN and Fox News certainly do. Now it’s time for them to wince anew. The Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank and training center, has given the two news networks “error of the year” distinction for reports that the U.S. Supreme Court had struck down the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. Had reporters for either of the news outlets read further into the court’s ruling before rushing onto the air, they would have found the court had indeed upheld the mandate that individuals obtain health insurance coverage.

Poynter notes that CNN showed professionalism by admitting its mistake, correcting the record and apologizing for the flub. Fox News, on the other hand, pouted that it “reported the facts.”

Only problem with that excuse is that “facts” as reported by Fox were bogus.

Here’s the Poynter report.


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