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Hosemann touts voter ID study, releases proposed rules

JACKSON — More than 98 percent of Mississippi voters who cast ballots in the general election have one form of acceptable photo identification included in Mississippi’s constitutional voter ID law, according to a survey conducted by Edison Research.

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann announced the findings of what what he believes to be the largest survey of Mississippi voters ever conducted.

“The survey helps us accurately gauge the number and profile of the voters we need to reach,” says Hosemann. “I am encouraged the survey found less than 1 percent of the voters did not have a photo ID. Less than 1 percent is a manageable number for implementing constitutional voter ID.”

On Nov. 6, Edison personally surveyed almost 6,000 Mississippi voters as they exited 30 polling locations selected randomly across the state, according to release from the Secretary of State’s Office.  Survey results show 98.3 percent of those surveyed reported having at least one of the eight forms of photo ID. Only 0.8 percent of respondents reported having none of the eight forms of photo ID Nine-tenths of 1 percent did not answer the question.

In addition to the Edison survey report, Hosemann released proposed administrative rules for the new voter ID requirement. Under these rules, any voter who lacks an acceptable photo ID may obtain a free voter ID card from the circuit clerk’s office by presenting the same materials accepted to register to vote under the federal Help America Vote Act.

The Secretary of State’s Office has entered into an agreement with the Department of Vital Statistics to allow circuit clerk’s to verify birth records of voters who cannot provide these materials, at no cost to the voter. The Secretary of State’s Office will also enter into an agreement with the Mississippi Department of Transportation to utilize existing transportation services to provide free transportation for voters who need a free voter ID card but lack transportation to the circuit clerk’s office.

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