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MDWFP streamlines outdoor services with ACTIVE solution

JACKSON — The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks (MDWFP) has streamlined its outdoor services on San Diego-based ACTIVE Network’s ActiveWorks Outdoors technology platform.

MDWFP is the first Outdoors customer to consolidate information, like game harvest reporting and registration information, into a single database, according to the company.

Earlier this year, ACTIVE Network successfully migrated roughly 10 million sales records with more than 12 years’ worth of data to the ActiveWorks Outdoors technology platform. Since rolling out the new system, MDWFP has issued more than 310,000 permits.

“Harnessing this technology and migrating to one platform has helped us improve efficiency and productivity,” said Curtis Thornhill, chief systems information officer at MDWFP. “This platform is a launch pad for us to continue to streamline our operations, as well as grow additional capabilities into our system in the future, such as big game and lottery systems.”

ActiveWorks Outdoors enables MDWFP’s outdoor operations, including campground reservations, hunting and fishing licenses and vehicle license renewals, to be managed under a single, highly configurable cloud-based system with the added benefits of centralized reporting and the ability to process payments quickly.

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