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Small business owner: Tupelo is anti-business

TUPELO — Tupelo business owners are riled up about the city’s crackdown on store signs.

They’ve been cited for banners, open signs and flashing signs that don’t meet the city code, The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reported.

Several say being threatened with fines makes it tough to operate their businesses.

Linda Hale says she was cited for two “open” banners at Red Door Antiques, even though she takes them down at the end of business. “Now I drag stuff out on the sidewalk to let people know I’m open,” she said.

George Partlow, owner of Hunter’s Haven, said he was cited for brand advertising banners on his fence.

“Don’t get me wrong,” he said. “I love Tupelo. I’m going to die here. But if I was going to start a new business, it would not be in Tupelo, Mississippi. I would find a little more friendly town for a small business.”

City Planner Pat Falkner said the city has provided opportunities for businesses to comment on the new code under development and believes it will be an improvement.

“It’s intended to be more friendly to private business than our last code was.”

Partlow and Hale both said they couldn’t attend city work sessions because they were running their stores.

— Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

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