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State's jobless rate falls to lowest level since 2009

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — Mississippi’s unemployment rate fell to 8.5 percent in November, the lowest level since February 2009.

More people found work even while fewer people were looking, cutting the pool of unemployed people to about 113,000. That’s down 7,000 from October and well below November 2011’s level of 143,000.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released numbers today.

The state had a 9 percent jobless rate in October and a 10.6 percent rate in November 2011.

Weakness in summer job numbers led economists to warn Mississippi had slipped back into recession. But growth appears to have restarted in September.

A separate survey of employer payrolls shows nonfarm employees rose for the third straight month and was above the November 2011 total. That’s the first time in 2012 payrolls have risen year over year.

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  1. I wonder what these numbers would be IF we did a state study of unemployment?
    IF we included ALL of the people who are not working…. IF we counted ALL the people who were on social support programs.

    The federal folks have an agenda – Concerning inflation and unemployment.

    Food, clothing , and shelter are the major cost areas for individual and families and are not reflected in the inflation numbers. AND not working people are often not counted in unemployed people.

    Smoke and mirrors passes as real head counts. Its hard to run a business or a State if you don’t know these two real numbers. (Non-working people and inflation.)


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