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Store’s website growing into an industry of its own

redshoes_rgbLibby Story McRight lives to create but the young retail entrepreneur is content to leave the creative work that goes into the Libby Story website to her graphic artist husband, John Hunter McRight, and a full-time web master.

“Our website is like an industry in itself,” says McRight. “It’s like a store. We have a fulltime person running it. We’re running blogs. We have a company that’s getting our name out there in the cyber world.”

The attention the Libbystory.com has received far beyond Mississippi has made it “a huge advertising tool,” especially on Facebook, McRight says.

Blogs last week had a “Gift Guide for Your Guy,” a piece on “Festive Backdrops” and even a tea recipe.

In the Tweetersphere, the store announced its daily winners of scarf and book giveaways and gave reminders there was still time to fill out a holiday wish list.

McRight has not fully escaped website tasks, and when one comes her way she finds “it way harder than having an actual store.”

In dealing virtually, you lose so much of the realness of an actual store, she notes, but emphasizes that the very realness of the store is what brings people to the Libby Story website.

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