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'Tis the green season for Merry Christmas shopping

Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Pearl.

Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Pearl.

For the majority of outdoors enthusiasts I know that hunt and fish, the Christmas season is a joyous time of year. For us it is still emphatically Christmas. We do not refer to this time of year merely as the “Happy Holidays,” the generic “Holiday Season” or the “Winter Holiday Season” as is so popular in the secular society these days. We still focus on the real “reason for the season,” that being the Christ in Christmas.

Santa is a character that lives in our hearts if nowhere else. If you don’t believe in him, then who in the heck do you really think Tim Allen is? Back in the 50’s and 60’s my dad used to dress up like we thought Santa would look like and actually climb the TV tower attached to the house and run across the roof yelling out the names of the reindeer. There was no doubt in the minds of my brother and me that Santa was real. Funny thing though, Dad never got to see him. Trust me that memory lives on.


The Buying Frenzy

A lot of people gripe and complain during this time of year because of the rush and the shopping pressure to find just the right gift. To the contrary I love it. There are no easier folks in the world to buy for than hunters and anglers. Gift wise anything and everything “outdoorsy” is fine with us. We’re easy to please.

A gift for us can be as mundane as a new pair of wool boot socks, a special fishing lure, an outdoors logo brand cap, or a box of ammunition. Stockings are easy to stuff with a four-pack of batteries, a fuel cell for the Thermacell mosquito machine, a duck call, a pocketknife or any of dozens of other small pocket-sized gear items available in any outdoors section of shopping venues around the state. I like the foot warmer packs.

So there is no reason to go crazy over not finding the right item for your outdoors family member. Just rummage around in the garage or their hunting or fishing closet to see what they already have. That secret search ought to yield plenty of gifting ideas for the fishing and hunting enthusiast. If that fails, just ask for his “Santa” letter. Really!


Gifts that keep on giving

Way back in the day my parents went to great lengths to find outdoors gifts for my brother and me that would have a lasting impression as well as enduring quality. I still own and use my first pair of classic L.L. Bean rubber-soled boots I got as a Christmas gift in college. I think of my mom and dad every time I take them out of the original box. My brother still uses the Remington 742 deer rifle he got when he was 14 years old. He’s now 66 and the rifle still works like new.

So, if you really want to do something special for a husband, wife or child, then shop for something unique that will last, but also might establish a lifelong memory association. This might be as extravagant as a new hunting rifle or shotgun or a very special fishing combination rod and reel, or perhaps a customized embroidered clothing item. Anything that is greeted with the “ah-ha” moment will be a winner.

Beyond that idea, then shop for useful items that any hunter or angler can have fun using or the enjoyment of owning. Here are some suggestions I got from an elf.

For the family, the parents or even the kids, a set of outdoor-themed bed sheets or a comforter would be a big hit. For all the hunters in the family, get matching camouflage pattern bib overalls. Coordinating t-shirts and caps would be cool, too.

For the individual outdoors persons the Christmas gift selection list is indeed endless. How about a protective case for an iPhone? Check out the Magpul brand used by the military. For archery hunters a backyard or deer camp broadhead target is always a welcomed piece of gear. A North Face sweatshirt hoodie would come in handy in the deer stand, a football game or anytime.

Most outdoors folks from hunters, hikers, outdoor photographers, kayakers and even anglers can use a good gear toting backpack or fanny pack with lots of zippered pockets to hold stuff. Muck boots go along with any outdoors activity in Mississippi.

Hunters can always use an Otis zippered pocket gun cleaning kit. Bow hunters would enjoy a Primos bow case and carry sling. Older archery fans might appreciate a new crossbow for hunting and target shooting. One of those new slip on vest safety harness rigs is a gift literally for life.

And don’t forget the fishermen and lady anglers. Any new rod or reel will delight. Boat owners could use a simple canvas outboard motor cover. Those bass fishing nuts need a state-of-the-art bass tackle system carrying bag with lure boxes.

A roll around rod/reel storage-display rack for the man (or lady) cave or the family room would make a great gift. Are you getting the idea now?

Well, these suggestions just scratch the surface. They would hardly fill up Santa’s sleigh. I am positive Santa has plenty more gadgets and gear in his North Pole warehouse so get out there and stimulate the economy. In the process you help a lot of small businesses around the state and generate some much needed sales tax revenue. I guess what I meant by the “Green Season.”


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